Freelancing Paragraph & Composition for Honours and HSC

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In this age of information technology advancement, more or less everyone is familiar with the term outsourcing or freelancing. Outsourcing or freelancing is adding day by day in the country. numerous educated people are no longer chasing jobs. They’re earning singly from home by outsourcing or freelancing. New faces are added every day. Through this they’re bringing foreign currency to the country. Lakhs of youths are playing a major part in the development of the country through collecting remittances. They’re contributing to socio- profitable development by barring severance. still, some people in the society have misconceptions about outsourcing or freelancing. But prostrating all obstacles and misconceptions, outsourcing or freelancing is getting popular day by day among the youth.

How Outsourcing or Freelancing Came

Outsourcing or freelancing refers to outsourcing your work through a business process. This conception comes from the American word outside resourcing. Whose trip began in the eighties. Outsourcing or freelancing occasionally also refers to the transfer of labor force from one association to another. But that is not always the case. Outsourcing is the transfer of government functions to businesses. Both foreign and domestic constricting belong to outsourcing. occasionally outsourcing involves setting up one’s own company in a distant country or indeed setting up a company in another country. Outsourcing can be financially salutary. Because it has to pay lower than original workers. This is a big provocation when it comes to outsourcing or freelancing.

freelancing paragraph for hsc

What’s Freelancing

Outsourcing or freelancing is independent work. That is, a licit profession of income by working singly. It can be said more simply that outsourcing or freelancing is the name of an easy way to earn plutocrat from home by doing work for other associations through the internet system. And those who do outsourcing or freelancing work are called freelancers.

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Types of work in

outsourcing or freelancing Outsourcing or freelancing is done through the Internet. There are different request places online where different associations offer different jobs in these request places according to their requirements. And these workshop can be earned by doing according to the rules or conditions of the association. There are different types of outsourcing or freelancing jobs. similar as web development, software development, plates design, network and information systems, writing and restatement, executive support, design and multimedia, client service, deals and marketing, business services, etc. It’s possible to earn online only if these tasks are done through the internet according to the conditions of the association.

How to Earn Outsourcing or Freelancing

To work in the online request place one must have experience in one of the jobs and know the good work. Because then you won’t work alone. numerous others like you’ll work with you then. So it isn’t possible to get success in outsourcing or freelancing without knowing good work. It’s only possible to get good results in this world if you have good work chops. Success in outsourcing or freelancing requires experience, effectiveness, tolerance, effective service, good norms andcuriosity.However, it’s possible to make a successful income in outsourcing or freelancing, If you have these 6 rates.

Why to do outsourcing or freelancing, how to do

it numerous people work in the world of outsourcing or freelancing in all countries of the world including Bangladesh. But not all of them can be 100 successful. Since this is an open profession, the responsibility of your work is further than your responsibility then. Come to this world for earning. So it’s futile to anticipate to earn if you can not do the work of the person you earn fromproperly.However, if there’s no clarity in work, also it’s insolvable to get success in this, If you aren’t concentrated in working. Always estimate yourself when outsourcing or freelancing. That is, what you would anticipate from someone differently if you were to do it yourself, and you should surely try to give a little further than that. This will make your employer happy and increase your chances of getting a job.

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freelancing paragraph for honours

Where to find freelancing paragraph for hounours

outsourcing or freelancing jobs There are numerous websites where outsourcing or freelancing jobs are available at home and abroad. There are also numerous fake spots. As a result, work should be started with caution. The addresses of some internationally known and dependable spots,,,,, etc. All are enough much the same and are fairly tested spots. It’s possible to get success in outsourcing or freelancing by working on these spots.

What you need for outsourcing or freelancing

Your crucial tool for outsourcing is gift. So there’s hardly any need to bother with precious outfit. But depending on the type of work, you must have a scanner, plates tablet, precious camera, a fairly good computer and internet connection.

substantially for good earning. Although the earning depends entirely on the type of work. utmost jobs are billed as hours. That is, you’ll be hired for work and paid a fixed hourly rate. Taking graphic design as an illustration, it’s possible to fluently earn thousands of bones a month. And if you’re a programmer, you’ll earn much further.

Outsourcing or freelancing as a profession

In this period of information technology grounded globalization, the field of work is presently not limited to one’s own country or specific boundaries. The field of work is now open encyclopedically. currently it isn’t necessary to earn foreign currency by going abroad and doing physical work. In this age of information technology, outsourcing is one of the implicit sectors to earn foreign currency by using technology in the country. numerous youthful people from India, China, Bangladesh and other countries are now choosing outsourcing as a career. colorful countries are formerly feting it as a profession. Bangladesh isn’t before in this regard. Bangladesh government is going to fete the philanthropists veritably soon.

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Bangladesh’s position

in outsourcing or freelancing presently, the term outsourcing or freelancing is known to numerous people in this country. In our country, numerous website inventors, graphic contrivers, pens, marketers are working successfully in colorful online request places. numerous others are trying to enter the request as new freelancers. still, Bangladesh is at the third position in the outsourcing or freelancing list in the current world. There are about six and a half lakh freelancers then. Five lakh of them work on the base of yearly income. They’re earning remittances of further than 100 million bones

every time. The Ministry of Information and Technology has created a platform for their overall evaluation and to encourage the youth in this free profession. The Minister of State for Information Technology said that the government has started work to give identity cards to six and a half lakh freelancers of the country. The government is going to launch a free ID card for them. This card will contain their particular information, mobile number along with a special law, through which it’ll be possible to identify them and colorful benefits including bank loans will be handed. That is, freelancing as a profession is getting government recognition.


Outsourcing or freelancing literally means free profession. In other words, outsourcing or freelancing is the name of working at your own time and according to your choice outside of the rules. These independent professionals who work as they wish are called freelancers. They aren’t salaried like workers. Depending on the job and the contract, the quantum of income may be less or more. But there’s freedom, the occasion to earn from any country in the world is sufficient. And that is why outsourcing or freelancing is a accessible and stylish way to earn income for freelancers. In this case, success is in your hands. freelancing paragraph for hounours you have successfully known. 

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