How to keep phone battery healthy 2022 update

If your phone has been in use for more than a year, the battery is probably dead. According to a study, lithium-ion batteries degrade over time. The topic of our discussion in today’s post is How to keep phone battery healthy 2022 update. Let’s get started.

a way to keep the mobile phone battery good,

you can get a solution to this problem by buying a new phone. But if you want to save your money, you can follow our tips. Today this article will mainly discuss the ways to keep the mobile phone battery good. So let’s find out:

Turning on battery saver mode

It is a clear fact that most of the mobile phone users do not turn on the battery saver mode of the mobile phone until the charge of their mobile phone is exhausted.

Apple’s mobile phones automatically turn on ‘low power mode’ when the charge falls below 20 percent. Most mobile companies offer such features. If you want, you can save some mobile phone charges by using such features.

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Charging gracefully

When you charge the phone, some precautions should be taken. This way you won’t waste more battery than you need. Use fast charger when you need to charge your mobile phone in an emergency. However, this feature can drain your mobile phone battery quickly.

If you have enough time then use a normal old charger. Another thing you need to keep in mind is never charge your phone overnight. By doing this, the mobile phone battery charges for hours. Which reduces the longevity of the mobile phone battery.

How to keep phone battery healthy
How to keep phone battery healthy

off Bluetooth and Wi-Fi

unnecessarily If you turn on the mobile phone’s Bluetooth and Wi-Fi unnecessarily, it tries to find new connections. So that the battery of the mobile phone is damaged a lot. Try to turn off mobile phone WiFi when you are out of the house.

The same should be done for Bluetooth. It’s best to turn these off when you’re not connecting your device to wireless headphones or speakers. That’s why you won’t lose extra battery. Battery life will last longer.


your mobile phone in small increments, do not charge your mobile phone fully all at once, charge it fully in small increments. Charging lithium ion batteries in this way keeps the charge very high.

Charging in this way makes lithium-ion batteries last much longer. So it is better not to charge the mobile phone overnight. If you want to keep your mobile phone battery healthy, you should avoid over charging.

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Always use the original charger

while charging the mobile phone, always make sure that the phone charger is original. Each different phone model has a different charging system.

Each phone model is charged according to a specific voltage and frequency. So it is better not to use different model phone charger. It is not possible to charge the mobile phone properly.

using dark wall paper

has found that using dark wallpaper can provide longer battery life for mobile phones. So always try to use dark wallpaper no matter what your mobile phone is.

Mobile phone battery display consumes the most. That’s why if you use a dark theme or wallpaper, the mobile battery will save a lot. That can give you long time mobile battery backup.

See which apps drain more battery in BATTERY USAGE

If you still can’t save your mobile phone’s battery, now you need to check which apps drain the battery the most. Then identify them and delete them now.

You need to go to mobile phone settings. Then click on battery option. There you will see an option called BATTERY USAGE. Delete unwanted battery draining apps from here now.

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not charge the phone while playing games

Whether you are playing offline games or online games, always take care not to charge the mobile phone while playing games. If you play the game while charging the mobile phone, the mobile phone is not charged properly. The mobile phone heats up a lot.

Disruption in mobile phone charging system. Which will be a major threat to your mobile phone. That’s why you should never forget to charge your mobile phone while streaming online games.

Always turning off the

location service or GPS system can seriously damage your phone’s battery. There is no option to turn off mobile phone location from your phone options. Locations like Wi-Fi-Bluetooth consume a lot of your phone’s charge.

If you want to save your phone’s battery life, these options should always be turned off. It would be wise if you always charge 80%. Charging like this will never disturb the battery charge pattern of your mobile phone. So you should turn off mobile phone’s Bluetooth- Wi-Fi and location.

Last word

topic today is about effective ways to keep mobile phone battery healthy. Hope you follow the ways to keep the mobile phone good. Then the health of your phone battery will definitely be better. Don’t forget to let us know if you have any problems.

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