How to keep iPhone battery health at 100

iPhone battery health is very important. Battery Health will tell you the life of your iPhone battery. And that’s why users have no end of worry about iPhone battery health. Especially those who are using iPhone for the first time, they face the most problems. Lets we can start about How to keep iPhone battery health at 100 step by step. 

Many people use battery case or power bank if they do not get satisfactory battery backup from iPhone. However, it is possible to get a good battery backup from any iPhone if the settings and some rules are followed in the iPhone. And having more battery backup means less battery discharge cycles and battery usage. As a result, battery health will be good.

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How to keep iPhone battery health at 100

> Using dark mode is very effective to improve iPhone battery life. Using a smartphone with dark mode on is easy on the eyes and uses less battery power. Using dark mode uses less battery due to unnecessary color off of the screen, thereby increasing battery backup.

> Low power mode can come in handy to extend battery life a bit when needed. Background processes such as email fetching, background app refresh auto-download, etc. are stopped when Low Power Mode is turned on.

> If you look at the battery usage section, you will notice that the battery usage of “homescreen and lockscreen” is relatively high. Because of this, it is better to set a certain time in the auto-lock settings of the phone.

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> Optimizing screen brightness can keep iPhone battery life good. Screen brightness can be easily adjusted from Control Center.

> Another way to maintain battery health is to maintain temperature control. According to information provided by Apple, the ideal ambient temperature for the iPhone and other unique Apple devices is 62 degrees Fahrenheit to 72 degrees Fahrenheit or 16 degrees Celsius to 22 degrees Celsius. Temperatures above 95 degrees Fahrenheit (35 degrees Celsius) can permanently damage the phone’s battery capacity.

> Turn off notifications. If the notification of any app is on, the system uses battery and data for the latest notification of that app. Therefore, the iPhone battery can be significantly saved by turning off the notifications of unnecessary apps.

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> Take care of battery charging. The battery life of the lithium ion battery used in the iPhone depends on how the battery is charged. Changing the ideal temperature or overcharging can affect iPhone battery life.

> Overheating occurs due to phone charging inside the case. If possible, keep the extra cover open while charging the iPhone.

How to keep iPhone battery health at 100
How to keep iPhone battery health at 100

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